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This information is congruent with art.13 of D. Lgs. N. 196/2003 Code for the Protection of Personal Data for those interacting with the web services of Hotel Le Moran in Milan, accessible online at This information is given only for this website, and not for other sites visited by the user thru links. This site is managed by Kelevra web for Hotel Le Moran Milan, Italy.

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The site uses a booking system iBooking supplied by others. The data of your credit card are required only as a guarantee for your reservation (no amount will be charged until the moment you leave the Hotel). Your data may be checked only for the necessary procedures for the payment. We however assure their integrity.

Information gathered from this website

When you visit this website, some information concerning you may be gathered to create a profile of our visitors based on your nationality and geographical background. For this reason, the site may ask you some questions, thru online forms to fill in.

For example, we may ask you your username, password, place and date of birth, email address, phone number to register online and ask you questions on your age, education and gender to take part in marketing web research. You are free not to declare any of this information; in this case though, some products and services may not be accessible to you.

How we use your data.

To improve our customer service, for marketing research and to help you use this website and meet your needs as customers, the gathered information may be kept indefinitely. Furthermore, unless you explicitly refuse your consent, you may receive publicity concerning new products and services. We also have the right to communicate your personal data for legal reasons, to defend the property rights of our company, of our staff and customers in general.


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On this site, we use the reservation system IBooking, which allows our customers to book a room online thru the use of some cookies. For this reason, the personal information and the credit card data are gathered thru online forms and the given information is encrypted and kept in custody by ServerBeach, E. Peacan Street, 112, San Antonio, Texas :

Promotional material

Every now and then Hotel Le Moran, Milan, creates particular offers and special discounts for its regular customers which may also be used by family and friends. If you do not wish to receive this promotional material, you may ask so while filing in the online form, under the voice “Comments”.

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On this website we do not gather information given by underage, who consequently can not make any online reservation or give any personal information.

Change in the privacy politics

We reserve the right to change the terms of our privacy politics at any moment (as in D.Lgs. 196/2003), updating them on our website to keep you informed.

We invite you to check the privacy politics any time you visit our website so that you understand the way in which we use the information required correctly. 

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